The Class of 2015: Facing the Future With Hope

The Class of 2015: Facing the Future With Hope
T.V. and Vijaya Ramakrishna, the Founders of Sahasra Deepika, reflect upon the Class of 2015.

L-R: Seniors Gagana, Bhumika, and Ashwini with Triveni, Kavya and Sushma at Bangalore’s International Airport.[/caption]

Every year, without fail, the children at Sahasra Deepika are moving forward in the right direction. This fills us with great joy, because to help anyone move forward in their life is a contribution towards the betterment of society. The class of 2015 consists of three girls from different backgrounds, and with different personalities—but each with tremendous potential.

Ashwini’s family is originally from Rajasthan. They came to South India looking for work and settled in Bangalore. Her mother is a housemaid who doesn’t even have a place for her daughter to stay, because she lives at her employer’s residence. Bhumika hails from the northern part of Karnataka and has an older sister who is also very bright. She dealt with the loss of her beloved father while she was studying at Sahasra Deepika. Gagana is from a rural background. She is looked upon as a leader in her community, and an inspiration, because she is an educated girl.

In the Sahasra Deepika environment, we raise the girls to think not only of themselves, but to think in terms of what they can do for others. That aspect is ingrained in their upbringing—to complete their education, and help those people who are in poor conditions. They have been encouraged to think in terms of being mentors for other girls, and to consider what role they can play in society. Maybe one of them will become that future leader to make things better for all of us.

Ashwini, Bhumika and Gagana got their footing here, and it has impacted them. Now they have their own dreams to pursue. When they start college, we will feel an immense sense of pride. Three “daughters,” going forward fully equipped with compassion, kindness for others and a determination to give back. This is the greatest reward and we can’t wait to see what they accomplish in their lives.