Founders Named 2013 Purpose Prize Fellows


The founders of Sahasra Deepika, T.V. and Vijaya Ramakrishna, have been named 2013 Purpose Prize Fellows by “Purpose Prize fellows are using their passion and experience to help solve some of society’s toughest problems,” said Marc Freedman, founder and CEO of and author of The Big Shift. “They represent a growing wave of people in their 60s and beyond who are using their know-how to change the world, while shifting perceptions of what is possible in this stage of life.”

A panel of 21 judges – leaders in business, politics, politics, journalism and the nonprofit sector – selected the seven winners and 43 Purpose Prize Fellows from a pool of over 1000 nominees. “We are deeply honored by this recognition of our work, and wish to share our joy with all of those who have supported us through the years,” said Dr. Ramakrishna.