Congrats to the 2015 pre-university graduates!

Congrats to the 2015 pre-university graduates!

Sahasra Deepika 2015 graduates: (L-R): Jayshree, Radha, Amrutha, Mamtha, Chaithra, Preethi, Pooja, Stella, Sharada, Amruthavalli[/caption]

It’s such a joy to report that 10 out of the 10 girls who comprised the class of 2013 have all passed pre-university college! Nine of the girls attended Christ University in Bangalore.

Jayashree, the daughter of a maid, is a diligent worker whose high score in the SSLC (secondary school) exam was recognized in an article in the Deccan Chronicle in 2013. Two years later, she’s passed pre-university college with a score of 93%, graduating with distinction. She volunteers in the admissions office at Christ and also participates in dance club. Jayashree will pursue a CPA and a business degree at Christ University. We’re so proud of the leadership she’s shown.

Jayashree’s classmates Mamtha and Preethi are also going to continue their studies at Christ University. Amruthavalli and Stella, both very talented artists, have been accepted at an arts college. Amrutha plans to continue studying in Shimoga. Sharada and Chaitra spent the day touring colleges with us, and will soon decide where to attend. Radha and Pooja have decided to take a break from their studies and work for a while.

What a blessing it has been to see them become such confident, mature young women of achievement. And until they finish their education and start working, Sahasra Deepika will be there every step of the way—providing housing, tuition fees, transportation, healthcare and support. Some of the girls might have been able to attend their village schools, complete and go further. But the experiences that Sahasra Deepika provides, and the girls’ growth in terms of looking at the world and their place in it, is something unique. This has made them more ambitious and able to dream of a better future for themselves. If they follow those dreams, they will really have a great life.